Thursday, October 10, 2013

Farmer's Market Fun

Fetch is the luckiest dog sometimes. He went the Farmer's Market a few weekends ago, where he got to see and smell a large variety of healthy yummies. He also got to meet a few nice pups, (although he was more interested in sniffing out dropped morsels...) and saw a few dogs and a cat from a local rescue organization, as well as a pair of greyhounds from the local greyhound rescue. He was wiped out after the walk back to car, and slept all day!

The plan for this weekend is to head up to our local branch of the Sumter National Forest and go on an all day hike (the first time we've been on one since school started, admittedly), so check back for some pictures!

Farmer's Market: A Before and After

And last but not least, a cute picture of ME since it's been a while:

Woofs & Meows,
Susie and the Crew

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  1. I am in school too and it is seriously cutting into our hiking time :) Soon their will be snow in the mountains and our hiking options will be limited. We'll have to stick to car trips and short snowshoe trips then. Glad you had fun at the Farmers Market.