Tricks & Training

Contrary to popular doxie stereotypes, I am a VERY clever dog. I learn best through positive reinforcement and negative punishment, which makes training fun and engaging. I can be shy and a little barky with strange people and dogs, so my person (Erin) recently enlisted the help of a positive reinforcement/clicker trainer to help me become more confortable in public. Crowded town streets, public parks and cafes no longer phase me (as much)

Since I am a very clever dachshund, I would like to keep track off all the cool new things I learn. So far, I know:

Paw, other paw
Roll Over
Up (stand on back legs)
Get up (get onto something/over something)
Off (get down off something)
Leave it
Get the cat (go find MY cat, we both love to play with each other)
Loose leash walking ( although I need a reminder sometimes)
Look (look at me)
What's that? (look at object/person/scary thing)
Let's go

And maybe more, but that's all I can think of now.

Right now we're working on "shame." What cool trick should I learn next?

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