Monday, October 21, 2013

Vet Day

Erin here.
Last Saturday was vet day for the crew, and my bank account is still lamenting. If I was more logical, I probably would have made an attempt to stagger their yearly vet visits throughout the year, but, alas.
Last Saturday was also the day of Sage's neuter. When they were shaving him down for the operation, they discovered he had tape worms (despite already having been dewormed at his last two visits) sooo I brought my other cat in later to get dewormed just in case, and went ahead and had his exam and rabies done too. Both of them got microchipped as well, and, even though they’re both indoor cats, bought one dose each of flea topicals since I know tapeworms come from fleas.
Susie went in yesterday for her exam, rabies, and microchip, and even though she was very stressed initially, shaking and such, she calmed down and took treats, something she had been too far gone in the past to do. She never barked or whined, even though she was in close proximity to other dogs and people, and allowed the vet to do his thing without complaint. I also got her another six months supply of Comfortis, as fleas are an issue here year-round. She has a slight amount of tartar, so I’m going to schedule a dental in the next few months, but my cat’s takes priority since he managed to chip a tooth.
After picking up Sage, the kitten, I got him settled in my closet with his bed, litter box, and a small amount of food. The tech warned me he may not be very hungry due to the anesthesia, but I just nodded and smiled to myself. She had not borne witness to this kitten’s unsatiable appetite. As soon as he saw me pop open a can, he was mewing pleadingly and tore into it. Luckily, he didn’t experience any digestive issues from the anethesia and recovered quite quickly.
Then it was Fetch’s turn. He goes twice a year since he’s almost 14, and he gets a comprehensive exam as part of his wellness plan. I’m still having issues with his teeth. He just had a dental in February, and we use the water additives, dental chews, raw bones, different kinds of toothpaste and frequent brushing, to no avail. Susie’s teeth are pearly white from this regime with minimal tarter, but I just can’t seem to keep it off  with Fetch. I discussed this with my vet and she prescribed an antibiotic to help with gum infections, and a different toothpaste. She was hesistant to do another dental, since he’d just had one done, he’s getting older in years, and he’s developed a very slight heart murmur. 
I only have one picture from the vet since it was pretty hectic, but I can rest assured now that everyone has been taken care of.
hehe, his expression after his rectal exam, poor guy.
And one of Sage recovering from his neuter:

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