Monday, October 7, 2013

Fetch Goes Apple Picking

It was a bright, glorious morning-- The people were bustling about the house at an early hour, loading the car with bags. I was let happily into the back yard while Fetch continued snoozing in bed. The car started. Hmmm, were we going somewhere? Alas, I huffed with disbelief as Fetch was lifted into the car and it drove away.

 I may not like large, noisy crowds or strange people and dogs, but I also don't like Fetch getting to go off and do things with the people. :( I was one unhappy weiner, but Fetch told me all about his adventure when he got back and that made me feel a little better, so now I'm going to share it all with you!

The people went on a little road trip, driving a few hours north of us to go apple-picking in NC. Along the way, they also stopped at an Outlet to do some shopping, and Fetch had a blast.

Are we there yet?!

Hanging out at the outlets

Fetch is such a good traveler. He alternated between sitting placidly in the backseat between Erin and Matthew and snoozing. He eagerly ate his breakfast and drank plenty of water. This was his first time using his new seatbelt from Etekcity, but unfortunately it was a little long, so it'll have to be altered. 

After the pit stop, they continued their journey, winding up Mt. McAlpine to its peak, where Sky Top Orchard of Zirconia, NC is perched. Fetch was eager to get picking, so they grabbed a basket and were off! First, they visited the barnyard, where Fetch made a new friend.

Hello, who are you?

Then, they hit the orchard! 

After that, Fetch was worn out, but he had a blast! There was a huge crowd, tons of people, children, and dogs, tractors, farm animals, and a lot of noise, but Fetch was completely relaxed the whole time. Maybe I'll have to get a few pointers from him so I can go too next time!

It was an exciting day, and Fetch was passed out for the car ride home

Woofs & Meows,
Susie and the Crew

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