Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tyger Tuesday

At times, it can be nice to lay curled in my fleecey basket beneath the window sill and bask in the warm spring sunshine tickling my stripes.
Every cat needs time to rest his brain. Even I can't plot world domination all the time.
But a cat can't slumber all the time, especially if he hopes to one day gain control of the kibble bag, and, eventually, the world. In the early part of my day, when I have the house to myself (aside from the canines, but they can be easily dealt with), I use this time to catch up on the mousie who nests in the computer screen. Also, I like to update my blog (did you think Susie was the brains behind this operation?) and peruse the interwebz.
Excuse the unflattering angle, this pic was from my, er, fluffy days, and I am now much fitter and trim.
Most days, if the weather's right, I'll await Erin's return from school in my personal wildlife viewing area, or, as the people call it, the Sun Room. 
What do you mean, this is your spot?

Sometime, I get so lonely, I have to resort to brushing myself. As any self-respecting cat knows, this is difficult to admit. Some of you may be thinking, "How could he brush himself, that is clearly a task for his person! Next thing you know, he'll be changing his own litterbox!" But what do you other cats do when there's no people around, and you have an itch that can only be scratched by the sweet caress of a brush? Here's what I do:
That's the spot

When she finally has returned, after I eat my kibbles and take another quick nap, it's time to hit the trails!

First, we must travel through the woods...

Across the powerlines...

Over fallen trees...

Yes, it is a trecherous journey, but the rugged hike is worth all the panting and the taunting squirrels once we reach our destination...

The River Bluffs!
After reaching our destination, I like to settle in for a little loafing, watching the shore line for any sign of the elusive fishies. Now, who wants to give me a ride back to the car? I'm beat.

Happy Tyger Tuesday, the first of many more to come!

Your favorite feline hiker,

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