Monday, July 15, 2013

Salmon Cookies with Susie

As a witty and sharp trick-loving dog, it can be hard sometimes to find the perfect treat to keep my brain engaged. I'll do my tricks for the glory, but sometimes when we're working on something really tricky, like walking past other dogs on walks without informing them (rudely, Erin says) that I require atleast 20 ft of personal space, or sitting politely and quietly in my basket when strangers are in the house, or learning new things. In these situations, only the stinkiest, meatiest treat will do.

We have a few go-to favorite store-bought treats, but they can be a little pricey and we tend to go through them pretty quickly, so we when we stumbled across this recipe, we quickly sent Erin off to the store to pick up a few supplies. Well, one supply: a can of salmon. We already had the rest of the ingredients for this easy recipe laying around the kitchen.

Since Erin is by no means culinarily inclined, I'd decided I'd better give her a paw and supervise the proceedings. First, I assembled the supplies:

Only three ingredients: Eggs, Canned Salmon, and Flour

Erin made sure to pick up a quality flour, King Arthur's, which is certified organic, unbleached whole wheat, with exactly one ingredient: Certified 100% Organic Hard Spring Wheat. She also tried to find a can of salmon that was low in sodium, since canned meats tend to contain lots of it, with minimal success, so that's something else to keep in mind when feeding this treat.

After I gathered all the supplies together, it was time to mix it up! I was more than happy to help of course.

Adding the flour to the salmon and egg mixture

All mixed together

I hope I get to lick the bowl!!!

Then it was time to spread the dough out on the pan. I let Erin do that, BOL, since she said I couldn't spread it on with my tongue. Ah, well. Who needs thumbs?

Then I stuck it in the oven, preheated to 350 degrees. After that, we had 25 minutes to wait and wait... By this time Fetch had shown up to see what the fishy smell was about:


Finally, after an awfully long wait, it was time to take my fishy treat out. I even got to use my special bone-shaped cookie cutter for the first time!

Excuse the excess dust on top. Erin was a little generous with the flour. Like I said, she's never really baked before. In fact, this was her first attempt at making something from scratch.

Yummy. Erin was impressed with my impulse control, especially considering how stinky it was.
The finished product. Not bad! (Note: the yield was far greater than what is pictured here, we just broke the rest up to use as training treats)
Oh dog! They look so good, I can't wait to try one!

Impulse control. What a cruel, cruel lady. Just let me have a cookie!!!

After that I finally got to try one (or two, BOL). Were they ever delicious! These treats were super smelly (the whole kitchen/living room smelled like salmon) and tasty. Fetch and I went crazy for them. They definitely get the doxie woof of approval! They ended up slighly soft and chewy, but the perfect texture for breaking them down in smaller-sized training treats. After my first freebie cookie, I had to work for more, but I didn't mind showing off.

Well, I'm off to take a nap! All that baking sure was hard work. Check back tomorrow for new pictures from my hike on the first (almost) rain free day in 43 days!!

Sleepy and full of yummies,

Susie the Chef


  1. Those look yummy! Sophie would love 'em!

  2. Susie thoes treats look delicious I bet Joker would love them too!! <3