Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tyger Tuesday

Tyger here.

I have some unsettling news.

We have been infested with a pest, far worse than fleas or ticks, much more sinister and cunning. Don't be fooled by its seemingly innocent wide, blue eyes, or its plaintive cries for attention. It's already managed to cast the humans under its spell, but don't let it manipulate you too:

Be careful to avoid direct eye contact least you fall victim to his wiles.

The blonde boy brought it over one day, saying his brother found the little scrap huddled on a street corner down town in the pouring rain. A likely story.

Well. As you can imagine I was less than pleased to smell this little intruder in his seemingly innoculous
crate, though the humans took pains to introduce us slowly, and it helped that he wasn't here ALL the time (he lives with the blonde one) so I can take breaks from his kitten antics.

Being the tough kitty that I am, it took me a while to be able to admit that Sage (the kitten) is kind of cute, if you sort of narrow your eyes at him and tilt your head. Erin says I have to teach him important cat skills since he should still be with his mama and litter mates (the vet said he was between 4-5 weeks when we got him, and it's been a few weeks now), and it's clear the little guy looks up to me:

Teaching  him the finer points of streching after (or during) a nap

Generously sharing my cat tower

Susie and Sage snuggling

Kinda cute

Us in the new cat tower (It was on sale for 38$ on wayfair.com with free shipping (usually retails for atleast $100) so I couldn't resist. Now he has two cat towers, as if he wasn't spoiled enough already ;) )
And since Susie hasn't gotten the chance to post in a while, here's some pictures from a few of her walks:

Deer! Susie loves running through the woods with her nose to the ground trying to track them down. There's so many in these woods because the land around them is being extensively developed :( and they're all being driven here.


Seconds after two deer ran past

Susie Q. (I hate the way this harness sags to one side (which may be in part due to the heavy clip, though it's never been a problem on other harnesses) so we're in the market for a new one. Any suggestions? ?
That's it for this Tyger Tuesday. See you later!

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